Thursday, 4 February 2016

Hounds screaming

While the weariness brought about by a rather long drive* the previous day meant that your correspondent had a short day it was rewarded by the sight and sound of hounds screaming "all on" one of the trails. It's what the hairs on the back of your neck are for - to stand on end at such moments.

This was shortly after a super meet for which we thank our generous hosts.

* It really is a small world - 5 hours drive north to stand in a farmyard while a bitch was lined overlooking our ex-whipper-in's childhood home.

The Stern

No specific mentions today but needless to say a group of the booted followers did spend some time in deep and meaningful conversation about the nature and techniques of hunting hounds. This included a deep discussion about the good old days (pre February 2005) and when it was appropriate to holloa and when it was appropriate to cry "Tally-ho over" and "Tally-ho back". All agreed that hollering anything that moved was not helpful. This having been rather well illustrated some years ago (before the Hunting Act) when a blackbird was hollered.


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