Wednesday, 17 February 2016


A really cracking Meet - many, many thanks to our hosts for their generosity. A large mounted field joined many on foot to enjoy this kindness.

Well fortified with a "two-course" meet - sausages and the like followed by delicious cake - more than 30 mounted set off to watch hounds try to find the first trail. Your correspondent was just settling down for a snooze by an oft jumped log when he was advised "They've long since gone over."

Catching up with the throng and getting ahead there were bursts of wonderful music from hounds but they struggled to own the trail.

Most cleared the hunt jump (restored by the Herculean efforts of footies who dragged a fallen tree from the approach and were ably assisted by a local "keeper-in-waiting" who happened to have a small saw in his car) back into "C" but five or six from last converted it into a step-over. Remedial work was carried out but the trail took hounds, Huntsman and field away so the efforts did not produce the hoped-for pictures.

The last trail led, most considerately, back to where the mounted folks' boxes waited as did a super hunt tea - gosh those crumpets took one back to the days of "lashings of butter".

A great day - thank you our hosts, landowners and Masters who provided such a lavish repast at the end of the day.

The Stern 

Who struggles to remember anything - even things that happened 100 years ago?

Heard on the hunting field

"Have you been here all the time?"
"Well since I got her."

Reminds one of the aphorism:
"Have you lived here all your life?"
"Not yet!"


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